Inebrya Bionic SUPER LIGHTENERS 11/0 Superlight Blonde Platinum 100ml

Inebrya Bionic SUPER LIGHTENERS 11/0 Superlight Blonde Platinum 100ml

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Professional Permanent Hair Color Cream. Inebrya Bionic Color is the innovative Ammonia-free Professional Permanent Hair Color Cream, which combines the cosmetic and conditioning properties of Collagen with the illuminating and revitalizing benefits of Sapphire Micro-crystals for TOTAL, PURE, UNIFORM and PROTECTED color results. The restructuring qualitites of Keratin together with the nourishing and softening properties of Cotton Oil carry out a veritable regenerating action during the color service, to guarantee 100% grey cover with rich, intense and brilliant colors, that fully respect both the hair structure and the equilibrium of the scalp. As it is totally free from ammonia the colorist can work in complete comfort while the protecting action of the natural active principles guarantee maximum client safety. Inebrya Bionic Color must be mixed with OXYCREAM, the multi-action cream oxidizer with an elevated cosmetic action, as it guarantees an even and easy to apply soft, delicate and creamy color mix. Its high stability, treating and protecting action formulated to leave hair soft, healthy and full of body for vibrant, brilliant and long lasting colors.


Preparation: mix in a non-metallic bowl 50 ml of BIONIC COLOR with 75 ml of OXYCREAM (Superlightener: 50 ml BIONIC COLOR + 100 ml OXYCREAM). Application: apply the color mix evenly to dry unwashed hair. Rinsing: once processing time is over work into a lather, then rinse off well until the water runs clear and shampoo with best able Inebrya Shampoo for coloured hair.


Cocamidopropyl BetaineHydrolyzed KeratinParfum (fragrance)Propylene GlycolLimoneneAqua (water)Cetearyl AlcoholGlycol DistearateTetrasodium EDTATocopherolHydrolyzed CollagenHydrogenated Castor OilSorbitan OleateSodium Lauryl SulfateAscorbic AcidSodium SulfiteSimethiconeHelianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed OilStearic AcidPolysorbate 80Laureth-3LecithinAscorbyl PalmitateGlyceryl StearateEthanolamineSorbitan StearateBetaineOctyldodecanolOleth-4 PhosphateOleyl AlcoholOleyl PhosphatePalmitic AcidAcrylates / Ceteth-20 Itaconate CopolymerCera Alba (Beeswax)Pentasodium PentetateCeteareth-20Sodium HydrosulfiteP-aminophenolM-aminophenol4-amino-2-hydroxytolueneResorcinol1-napthol2-amino-4-hydroxyethylaminoanisole Sulfate24-Diaminophenxyethanol Hcl4-ChlororesorcinolToluene-25-Diamine SulfateGossypium Herbaceum (Cotton) Seed Oil2-AMINO-3-HYDROXYPYRIDINEBasic Red 51N-BIS (2-HYDROXYETHYL)-p-PHENYLENEDIAMINE SULFATE5-Amino-6-Chloro-o-Cresol1-HYDROXYETHYL-45-DIAMINO PYRAZOLE SULFATE4-AMINO-m-CRESOL2-METHYLRESORCINOLSapphire PowderHC yellow 226-DIHYDROXYETHYLAMINOTOLUENE

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