La Cabine Vitamin C Ampoules 10x2ml

La Cabine Vitamin C Ampoules 10x2ml

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Concentrated facial ampoules for devitalized skin lacking luminosity and softness. The Phospholipid Technology enhances the effectiveness and penetration of the active agents. The antioxidant power of the Vitamin C content erases the signs of fatigue, prevents the premature aging of skin and gives your face luminosity, vitality and softness from the first application. The Proteoglycans have a high capacity to moisturize, lubricate and soften skin. For a face smoother to the touch. Main ingredients:
  • Caesalpinia spinosa Fruit Extract
  • Kappaphycus alvarezii Extract

Biopolymers extracted from Kappaphycus Alvarezii (Sea Moss) and the seed of the Caesalpinia Spinosa Fruit create a temporary, invisible, and flexible film on the skin’s surface.



Aqua (Water)Propylene GlycolAscorbyl GlucosideGlycerinTriethanolamineCaesalpinia spinosa Fruit ExtractKappaphycus alvarezii ExtractSodium HyaluronatePhenethyl AlcoholCaprylyl GlycolPolyacrylate-13Sodium Acrylates CopolymerXanthan GumCarbomerTocopheryl AcetateTriethylene GlycolGlycosaminoglycansLecithinPolyisobutenePolysorbate 20Sorbitan IsostearateBenzoic AcidPhenoxyethanolDehydroacetic Acid

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